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About Us


Upstream Business Solutions Ltd. is a progressive, solutions-oriented company specializing in complete office furnishings. We do the focused and purposeful work in office design and supply so that you can focus confidently and comfortably on what really matters in your work environment.

Founded in 2013, Upstream is built upon years of experience and success by its founders and practitioners in the field of satisfying the needs of business.

Upstream is a qualified Canadian Aboriginal supplier to the Government of Canada for quality office furnishings.


To produce confidence-inspiring results in office design and supply that will establish and sustain a reputation as the undisputed national leader in the field.


WE VALUE QUALITY: That’s why we’ve established our position in the vertically integrated supply chain of The Global Group a worldwide industry leader in manufacturing well-made office furniture at affordable prices.

WE VALUE INTEGRITY: Our only goal is complete customer satisfaction……with our products!….with our service!

WE VALUE DURABILITY: The office solutions we provide will be long-lasting, providing years and years of worry-free service.

WE VALUE COMFORT: Matched to a high level of functionality, our products will attest to the fact that we know that you work here….. but you live here too!

WE VALUE AFFORDABILITY: We will always strive to achieve pricing levels that acknowledge the budgetary requirements of our customers.


The stylized migrating salmon featured in Our Logo is emblematic of our philosophy and guiding principles at Upstream. With the same determination and singular focus displayed by the salmon during the arduous task of UPSTREAM migration, we at Upstream Business Solutions work tirelessly with focused determination to achieve our mission of providing quality office furnishings at affordable prices. All of this in the context of unmatched service to satisfied customers.

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Upstream Business Solutions Ltd.

Upstream Business Solutions Ltd.